Fall 2010 Biology 204: Human Anatomy & Physiology
Lecture: MWF 8-8:50 am, 423 HT
Lab: T, W, 2-5 pm 412 HT

Instructor: Kevin S. Baldwin
Office: 405 HT
Phone: 457-2148
Office Hours: by appointment
email: kbaldwin@monm.edu

Course Description: This course is an introduction to human anatomy and physiology which includes both a lecture and lab. The lab includes histology, the skeleton, a cat dissection, and a physiologically oriented small project.

Exams: There will be three midterm exams (100 pts. each) and a comprehensive final exam (200 pts.). There will be a 5-10 page term paper that will cover a topic within either pathophysiology or human performance (100 pts.). For the lab there will be two practical exams worth 100 pts. each. There will be no make-up exams given except for cases of extreme illness or family emergencies, which must be documented by a physician. The last month of the lab will devoted to a small project(s) that may (but does not have to) use the computer-based equipment in the lab (100 pts.).

Grades : Marks will be assigned such that: > 90% of the highest score in the class = A; 80-89% = B; 70-79% = C; 60-69% = D; and <60%= F.

Your Responsibilities: You are expected to attend lectures & labs, & do the reading. I strongly suggest that you get to know a few people in the class, so that you can study together. The best way to learn something is to have to explain it to somebody else. You are welcome to come into the lab after hours and study on your own. You are responsible for cleaning up your lab space at all times. No food or drink is allowed in the lab.

Academic Honesty: As responsible adults, you are expected to do your own work on exams and make sure that your classmates do likewise. Violations of the above are contrary to the pledge you took at Matriculation.

Required Texts: Marieb, E.N. 2005. Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 8th ed. Benjamin Cummings. Menlo Park.
Gilbert, S.G. 2000. Outline of Cat Anatomy with Reference to the Human. University of Washington Press, Seattle.
Recommended Text:

Week of


Lecture Reading

Lab Topic

Lab Reading

23 Aug

Introduction, A&P.intro1.pdf , A&P.intro2.pdf, cells&tissues.pdf, cells&tissuesfigs.pdf


Ch.1&2, Appendix A

tissue types

in lab

30 Aug

Cells, Tissues, & Embryology,

Integument notes, Integument figs,

Bone notes, Bone figs,

Ch. 3, & handouts


Gilbert: pp. 2-13

6 Sept

Integument & Bones,

MuscleI.pdf, muscleIfigs.pdf,


Ch. 4, 5

Doing Biology

ext. anat., muscles

pp. 14-27; sheets

13 Sept

Muscles; Midterm I,

nervousI.pdf, nervousIfigs.pdf, nervousII.pdf, nervousIIfigs.pdf

Ch. 6

muscles continued

pp. 14-27

20 Sept


CNS.pdf, CNSfigs.pdf, CNSII.pdf, CNSIIfigs.pdf,

Ch. 7

muscles cont'd; practical I

pp. 14-27

27 Sept


PNS.pdf, ANS.pdf, ANSfigs.pdf, Senses.pdf, Integration.pdf, Integrationfigs.pdf

Ch. 7

digest & respiration

pp. 28-37

4 Oct

Integration & Senses

endocrineI.pdf, endocrineII.pdf, endocrinefigs.pdf, Review2.pdf, Paper Guidelines.pdf

Ch. 8


pp. 38-47

11 Oct

Endocrine; Friday (short period): Review

Ch. 9

No Lab: Fall Break

pp. 48-61

18 Oct

Monday: Midterm II; Blood & Circulation blood.pdf, bloodfigs.pdf

heart.pdf, heartfigs.pdf

Ch. 10, 11



25 Oct

Lymphatic & Immunity

vessels .pdf,vesselsfigs .pdf,lymphatic.pdf lymphaticfigs.pdf, immunity.pdf, immunityfigs.pdf

Ch. 12

nervous & sensory

pp. 62-79; 80-85

1 Nov


Respiratory Anatomy.pdf, Respiratory Physiology.pdf, Respiratory Figs.pdf,

Ch. 13

practical exam 2

pp. 28-85

8 Nov

Review 3.pdf

Digestion & Metabolism;

Ch. 14, Appendix C

physiology project, Computer Guide.pdf


15 Nov

Monday: Paper Due; Digestion.pdf, Digestionfigs.pdf; Wed. Midterm III

Ch. 15

physiology project


22 Nov

Nutrition & Metabolism; Nutrition&Metabolism.pdf, Nutritionfigs.pdf, Excretion & Electrolytes; Kidney.pdf, Kidneyfigs.pdf, Electrolytes.pdf, Electrolytefigs.pdf, Male Reproduction.pdf, Female Reproduction.pdf, Reproduction Figures.pdf

Ch. 16

physiology project


29 Nov

Reproduction; STD's; Darwinian Medicine Pregnancy.pdf, Pregnancy Figs.pdf, STD's.pdf, Darwinian Medicine.pdf


project presentation


6 Dec

Final Exam: ???




I would like to hold practical exams Thurs. evenings at 7 & 8 pm for the Tu & Wed sections respectively.